Jesus’ Wrecker Service

The inspiration for this post comes from a dear brother in Christ from Celebrate Recovery. You see this young man has been through the ringer. I will not go into the details of this young man’s life out of respect. I will share the ideas or thoughts God gave me while listening to him speak instead.

Every one of us have seen a vehicle being towed by a wrecker at one point or another…if not more than once. We have seen all different types of vehicles behind these massive trucks like clean ones, dirty ones, broken ones, smashed ones and even those that are dirty and ripped apart.

But what is cool is that someone came to their rescue and pulled them out of that ditch or away from the wreckage. It does not matter how bad the scenario is the wrecker service always finds a way to get the vehicle out.

Someone made a 911 call or called the police saying hey my vehicle is totaled and dispatch sends a wrecker service…

So it is with our lives. At least for those of us who have made that all important call to God. You know the one…where we are like “Ok, God IF you are real…get me the hell out of this situation!”

Sadly, for many of us it really takes quite a long time before we do that. After years of trying to do it on our own and never getting anywhere.  Trying the same ole methods and getting the same ole results. That is the definition of foolishness in my opinion. I can say that because I was foolish.

But back to the story as it were…

As I was listening to this young man’s story I could not help but notice myself in it. We lived almost parallel lives. Kind of scary actually. Just proves we are never alone in our struggles.

After giving his life over to God he kept stumbling when it came to completely stopping his addictions. I can relate…it’s hard resisting a temptation that you never had to fight before…or did not care about fighting.

But every time Jesus came to his rescue. Jesus would pull him out of the ditch every time no matter how goofy or lame the excuse was for landing in the ditch. And every time he would say I am sorry please forgive me. Jesus would just wrap his arms around him in a hug and say it’s been paid for…your good. Lets try again but this time maybe you should avoid that turn and go straight instead.


One thing this man had come to realize during his recovery was that when he concentrated on his daily walk with God and kept his eyes focused on Him it was easier to see the bumps in the road and turns that did not need to be taken. When he took his eyes off of God for a period of time is when He would hit a bump or run off the road totally and into a ditch.

Over the course of his journey this young man has come to realize in dealing with struggles is that Jesus’ wrecker service is never closed, as have I. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no wait time. That is His guarantee.

Both of us found freedom by calling on a wrecker service like no other. One that cares about us, loves us, forgives us and will go and find us in the worst of situations to restore us anew.image

Originally posted on August 10, 2015

12 thoughts on “Jesus’ Wrecker Service”

  1. Truly a great way of explaining our veering off the straight and narrow. Many of us fall in the ditch it does not matter what makes us do it, we do it. Jesus and God are there to pull us out and start again. Jesus knows how difficult it is to live on Earth as he has been here and life has got worse since His time. The compassion of the Lord is amazing and filling us with hope and love to go on another day. Stuart Bless you.

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