Prayers Please

Guys, please pray for me. I was searching for a song for my Sunday Music post and an old song from my children was brought to mind. It is a work in progress and will not be shared tomorrow.

You will understand when you see it in a couple of weeks. But it’s a tough song that brought me to my knees in tears as God revealed something to me. That’s my hard part. What God showed me.

That’s one of the reasons I am asking you to pray for this post and the other ones I am working on.

The Bond of 3 Cords series is hard enough. Add that to this one and the God Is Faithful post that is forthcoming and well, I’m feeling overwhelmed. They are draining and I need strength.

I know I don’t have a set schedule on my blog except the Sunday Music now but I may have to share some older posts this week as I want to do these true justice.

Thank you in advance my friends.

God bless

23 thoughts on “Prayers Please”

  1. Father God, holy is your name. I lift up your son, Stuart and ask you strengthen him. Thank you for carrying him when he feels overwhelmed. You are his help and refuge. Praising your name for what you are doing for him. Praise you that when we are weak you are are strength. Thank you Lord.It is done through Jesus! Amen

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  2. I know how you feel as I have started to try to reveal more of myself and it’s so hard to put yourself out there. And plus the devil knows when we’re about to really help someone. Prayers your way!

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    1. Yes he does Amy, that’s why the fights even harder, we fight against temptation every minute of the day. But God the most merciful and loving holds us up and gives us the strength to fight against that urge, those temptations. We can’t alone can’t fight temptation alone. We can’t!

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  3. Father, At this moment, please be with Stuart and give him Your peace. May he let go and let Your spirit guide him. Please grant him Your favor and Your blessing in all that he is doing. In the name of Him who makes all things new, Thank You!

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  4. Brother, I am praying for you. If God is leading you to do something, it must have His glory written all over it. Even if He is leading you to repost or reblog, you never know who may need to see something they have not seen yet. Take care of you and those precious children! Way to keep God first! He loves you!

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  5. Father, I stand in the gap for my brother Stuart. Father he’s in need of your strength, guidance; the direction, is always vertical. Open up the windows, let it rain; in abundance! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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