Sunday Music: Whiteheart | Don’t Wait For The Movie

Ok, I’m one of those people that usually finds one song on an album I own or have owned that I can’t stand. It doesn’t matter if the lyrical content is off the chain because the music stinks…or vice versa. Don’t know why honestly but there seems to be always one song I just can’t get behind no matter how many times I listen to it.

But this album is not one of those where I could find a bad song. This is just fun to listen to. Just put it in, roll down the windows and crank it way up!

Imagine, if you will, a white Camaro, JVC stereo and Clarion speakers with this puppy cranked. Yep, that was my summer after high school. 😎🤘 🙂

This came out one year after my pastor challenged us to not watch TV for 3 months. I took that challenge and read books, read my Bible, put together a ton of puzzles and went camping a lot. It also was a time where, instead of reading a book first and then watching a movie when it came out, people where just watching the movie. Hence the popularity of cliff notes in the 80’s. And sadly, it’s still that way today.

But I remember back then saying that there is no way anyone, not even Speilberg, could do justice to the crucification of Christ. The brutality alone was way beyond the scope of special effects back then. And then came The Passion Of Christ by none other than Mel Gibson. I dare say he freaking nailed it!!! And he did it in Hebrew 👏👏

I can’t say enough for the movie. I can’t say enough about the book either. BECAUSE…every time I read the book I get something new. I can’t get that from the movie. Only by reading the book can the Holy Spirit speak to me in such an intimate way. It’s like He comes alive and wraps His arms around me and envelopes me in His presence. NO movie can do that.

Read the book!!

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