Our Past Does Not Define Who We Are

I’m sure my post yesterday either surprised everyone or scared a few of my followers away…maybe both. And I know that post is one that will not get many likes or comments and that’s fine.


I have always tried to be honest about my struggles. And a lot of times I do let memories haunt me to an extent. The ones I shared yesterday I have shared before in other posts over the course of my writing but they just all came back at once when that one, I buried deep in the abyss of my mind, reared its ugly head.

That memory is still eating me up. But then this morning on Twitter I see this verse that Purple Rose shared on her page…

What a powerful reminder to us all that no matter what stuff any of us did in our youth we can still exhibit Christ.

I can not despise my youth and all the negative choices I made…or the good ones for that matter. I learned from those choices. Some I made again but many I did not. πŸ™‚

All I know is that our past does not define who we are now. I am not that person anymore and neither are you dear friends.

We are all new creatures in Christ, if we have chosen His finished work at the cross. We have a new mindset and a new heart that beats to serve God. And if serving God means we have to endure some hard memories in order to help another not make the same mistake then we should be ok with that.

36 thoughts on “Our Past Does Not Define Who We Are”

  1. The way I look at it, we reach people in different ways. Some people need you to approach them with a tap on the shoulder. Others need to be smashed in the face with a shovel. Yesterday, you smashed some faces. I’m sure the honesty and bluntness was a little much for some, but it also illustrated exactly the beast of sex/porn addiction. I’ve thought about changing the name of my page many times because based on the hits-to-followers ratio I have, it’s clear plenty of people read regularly, but don’t want to assign their name to a site with “Porn Addiction” in the title. In the end, we can’t worry about what the others think. They have free will and can walk aways. Hopefully our varied approaches to sharing our lessons draws more people in than scares them away. If they are scared away…they just weren’t ready. I thought your entry yesterday was brave and powerful.

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  2. “I’m sure my post yesterday either surprised everyone or scared a few of my followers away…maybe both.”

    God is the only One to judge. You have not scared me away nor did you surprise me. This is WHO you were NOT WHAT you are today. You can’t start to heal if you are not honest with yourself.
    If people do have issues with your truthfulness. They are probably hypocrites themselves.
    Cheers to you and your story!!!!!!

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  3. The scaring away part…. I think that sometimes happens when a person feels challenged, convicted. Sometimes we need more of that. Honestly, I did feel a little uncomfortable with your last post, but it wasn’t because of anything you inappropriately or over shared. I actually read parts of the post several times! It was because God was using your words to poke me. I appreciate your willingness to be authentic and vulnerable. It is in those places we can see God in each other’s stories.

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    1. Thank you Cynthia! I really do try not to over share. That’s why there are posts that I have written that may never be shared publicly. That post was actually one of the “me” posts because I had no one to talk to at that moment. I’m grateful the Lord has used it as He has.
      I truly appreciate all your support. πŸ™‚

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  4. Amen! β€œAll I know is that our past does not define who we are now.” That is so true, but often harder to remember and live outβ€”thank God for making us new creatures through Christ and for His fresh grace and mercies for us every morning! ❀️

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    1. Yes, is it hard to remember sometimes, because our past helped shape us into the person we are. It hurts knowing what bad things I have done, but had I not gone through them I would have no compassion for wives whose husband is struggling with porn, much less the man himself.

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