Through The Flaming Waters Of Life

Why does it feel like we are being burned in the fire and drowning at the same time? That statement is almost an ozymoron, but geez…

Right now I truly feel as if I am going through both.

I was asked to do the opening at Richland Celebrate Recovery last night. I opened in prayer with that phrase/verse, in Stuversion, as part of that prayer.

Father, we come to you now thanking you for this day. Lord I know many here are feeling the fiery attacks of the enemy as well as feeling a sense of drowning with all of life’s issues. Some of us may be tired of treading water. Some of us may be tired of just simply fighting off those flaming arrows the enemy hits us with. But Lord, your Word says that you will be with us as we go through those raging rivers and that we will not drown. It also says that you are with us when we go through the fire and that we will not be burned.

Father, I thank you for being faithful and staying by our side throughout this journey. And if anyone is struggling in the fiery waters of life right now Lord, I ask that they call on you tonight.


I know for a fact that God is beside me every step of the way. He is guiding me and nuturing me as only He can. I have seen Him work mightily in my life over the years. He has changed me from the man I was, into the man I am now and He will continue to change me. All I have to do is follow Him.

But sometimes, as I am sure you have all felt, life just gets overwhelming. And all we can do is hold on to our life raft…God…for dear life.

Dear friends, if any of us are struggling with any issue that makes you feel as if you can’t go on remember God’s promise to be there with you and not let your drown. Keep your head up and look to the heaven’s. Fix your eyes on the Father and not the struggle (water).

When the enemy attacks, grab your shield and hold on tight. God is there with you and He does have your back. You might be singed a little but you will not be burned. He will not allow you to turn to ash from the fire.

God bless,


27 thoughts on “Through The Flaming Waters Of Life”

  1. These are trying times for the good souls on the Earth, the battles is strengthening on the Spiritual to pull those who are floundering or deluded with the energy. God is pulling his people under His protection to help them have the strength to continue. The enemy is taking pot shots to throw us off course, to put our thinking into disarray. Stand strong and look to God and the Divine for guidance. Remember if God says go right then do so, for surely turning to the left will end in disaster. Bless you Stuart.

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        1. Thanks for the words of encouragement Neal. It began with myself six years ago bro, when I rededicated my life to the Lord πŸ™‚

          A renewing of ones mind is a journey of replacing the old with the new. But oh gosh do I wish it been an immediate thing for me. But, God said no to me in that regard. It’s a day by day walk with Him πŸ™‚

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          1. If it had been immediate, it would not have been of both you and God. The Lord is your friend as well as your Savior. The Perfect One guides you with gentleness, until you are ready to accept love.

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  2. Loved this post, Stu! The second last para reminded me of Peter on the water. It’s about who God is not who we are from the moment we step out of the boat and decides to trust God with our life. Oh, wow! That’s a great post right there. See what you do to me, bro, I just got a new idea. Bless you brother πŸ˜‚

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  3. β€œHe won’t put more on you than you can bare” that’s what i got from that. Thank you for this motivational message. It’s encouraging to know that though i might be singed, he will never let me burn ☺️

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      1. I greatly desire to meet these people face to face! To converse with one another over the internet is wonderful, but my heart yearns to hug the people of God with my arms and not merely my words.

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