In The Midnight Hour

There are these little things on Facebook called your memories. It shows everything you posted on that particular day since joining Facebook.

Sometimes those memories really drag me way down. Sometimes they lift me above cloud nine. And then there are those memories of things shared years ago that make me question myself and who I am today.

This photo I shared shortly after rededicating my life to the Lord.

It was during that time in my life when I was going through a divorce, trying to overcome an addiction and learning to be a better dad. And there was this one song by Phillips, Craig & Dean called Midnight Oil that truly got to me.

The first time I heard it I could actually see my grandmother on her knees praying for me at the edge of her bed. Brought me to tears and I wasn’t the crying type…then. But it hit a nerve.

Here I am, a dad to two of the most amazing little people on the planet and I hadn’t been praying for them as I should. Mainly because I truly didn’t know how. I had no example to follow.

But, I learned how because I wanted to be their spiritual leader. The dad who would guide them and nurture them in a Godly way.

It was also at that time I was reading the Point Man and Anchor Man by Steve Farrar. (Two amazing books for men) Both of these opened my eyes to a lot of issues I had in my walk with God as a man, as a husband and father. It changed me drastically.

But seeing that picture made me realize that my prayer life is not as it should be. Yeah, I still pray daily. And not only for children but for the ones I care about as well. It’s just not with the same intensity.

It made me realize that my prayer journal needs to come back out. I need to start fresh…with a renewed sense of God’s immense power when we pray. For with our spoken word in prayer angels take flight!

May we all pray with an intensity like never before. May we pray until something happens!

19 thoughts on “In The Midnight Hour”

  1. I loved the song, Stu! My mother is one of the reasons why I still care about my faith. Before I was born, she dedicated me to the lord and completely gave me up for him. Even today, sometimes I find her late up in the night on her knees praying for me and my little sister. It challenges me. It reminds me that I am not spending my time with lord at all. Praise God for godly mothers. Thank you for posting this, Stu! ☺️

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  2. There’s no greater gift to leave your children than a solid foundation in the faith and a fat balance in their prayer account. I’m a testimony of such a gift. But I do feel you, Stu. Sometimes I look at my kids and wonder if I’m doing the best I can for them in the place of prayer and setting a godly example. May the Lord give us the grace to continue in sowing the seeds that will reap eternal life in those around us. Amen.

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  3. I am very familiar with what you have gone through in your life. I know what worked for me was making a deal with Our Heavenly Father which I hold very near and dear and close to my heart and soul. I pray every day all day long. I have returned to my church and have been Ordained as an Elder the night before Easter. I know you can do this as well Stuart. You are a good father praying for your children never stop. Keep praying for yourself also my friend

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  4. I was blessed by my pastor doing a series on prayer early on in my recovery, and early in my husband’s attendance at church with me. He used the PUSH acronym, and also a blueprint for prayer using the Lord’s Prayer. It changed my prayer life at a time I greatly needed it.

    I have always been resistant (?) reluctant (?) to start and maintain a prayer journal. I’m not sure why. Hmmm.

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    1. I was relunctant at first when I started mine a few years back. I was actually afraid someone would run across it and read what I wrote. When someone would ask me to pray for them I would just write down their name and what God placed on my heart under that, even if there was a “specific” prayer.
      And then it happened. My daughter opened it one day and saw her mom’s name. All I could say was that mom asked me to pray for her and God filled in the blanks.
      Prayer is so powerful. I believe it is truly the most underutilized weapons we have as believers.

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    1. Stefan, thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for for the nomination. I am truly honored brother.

      Thank you for giving me the encouragements, the compliments and the friendship. I am blessed in knowing you ! 🙂

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  5. Beautiful post. The power of prayer is immense for others and ourselves. Praying for me is the most important daily event. Yes, even my cats wait and often call me to pray. We all have to revise our prayers to refine them from time to time. You are a shining example to your children.

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  6. Once I dreamt I went to heaven and Jesus showed me my name in The Book of Life. It showed date I was saved, and a picture of my great grandma because she had prayed for me when I was a baby. The power of pray. If we really knew how much of a difference it makes, I am sure we would all pray more. Prayer and blessing to you!

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