Breaking The Chains: One Link At A Time

Guys, I have wanted to do this for a while now and well…I’m finally getting around to it.

THIS WILL BE AN ONGOING UPDATED POST as I come across more links to share with you.

There are some great posts out there about why you should stop viewing pornography! I believe that we do not realize the damage we are doing to the ones we love by our choice to view pornography.

So with that last sentence said, let me share a very powerful post. One that I have already shared on my blog, but it is just too important not to share again.

What I Lost When My Husband’s Porn Addiction Won was written by Cynthia from Tears In A Bottle

Words can not do justice to this letter written by Songs of Intimacy to her husband. Dear Husband is powerful and this one phrase struck me to core and it is true…

“Because that god doesn’t demand change.”

Here are some wonderful posts by Bonny over at Oysterbed7

Waging War

Porn Should Have Broken Us

Porn Plagued Us Until This Happened

First Steps In Battling Pornography

Why Does He Watch Porn? Understanding Root Causes

J over Hot, Holy & Humorous shares some great ideas as well.

5 Reasons To Stop Using Porn Now

When Should You Stop Battling Porn

Ladies, this podcast For Christian Wives has done is a 3 part series where they discuss porn. It is entitled A Conversation About Porn Part 1 and my friend Bonny from Oysterbed7 shares her story and how she dealt with the revelation of her husband’s porn usage. Please take a listen.

A Conversation About Porn Part 2

This podcast entitled Healing After Porn Discovery concludes their 3 part series where they discuss porn within marriage. Go follow their podcast

Now, I’m sure you are wondering why Stu has started this off with links from female bloggers and not men. Well, to be quite honest you need to hear it from a female perspective.

When we watch porn, men, we do way more damage to our spouse than we will ever fully comprehend.

If they accidentally find your stash of items on your laptop or phone their initial reaction immediately brings up fear and anger. Then comes the dreaded questions of how can my husband watch this when he has me, am I not good enough for him, does he not love me anymore and worse.

But, we need to realize that Pornography is NOT just a man’s “struggle” anymore. Almost one third of women are becoming ensnared into the devil’s trap.

Here is a great post by my friend Staci Sprout, who herself struggled with porn.

The Top 12 Reasons Porn Is Bad For Women

Jennifer over at Unveiled Wife offers good advice…

9 Things That Helped Me Overcome Pornography

We need to break the chains of this and soon! Most of us have children and sadly the age of viewing porn is becoming younger and younger. Their ideas of sex will be so messed by what they could see. We must protect them at all cost.

Had I known at age 12 what porn would do to me and how I would come to treat people…I would have ran and never looked back!

From Protecting Young Minds..

Filtering 101: Protecting Kids From Porn on New Devices

This is a universal post for both men and women, though truly geared towards men by my bud Frank over at Purity For Life…

5 Lies Those Struggling with Sex Addiction Tell Themselves.

Jordan over at Grace Waves offers some very valid points in her post about Replacing Shame With Glory. She gives us a glimpse into the ripple effect of porn and that messing up does not send you back to the starting point. You should actually go visit , grab some coffee and stay for awhile.

Krystal’s site is just like all the others…you will need some coffee as you read because you will want to stay and read post after post as she opens her heart to everyone. I just ran across her blog and was immediately in love. Her testimony she shares in Beautifully Broken is awesome. And at the end she shares some good links as well 🙂 After reading her story jump over to the one that got me hooked entitled Let’s Talk About Sexual Purity. Good stuff I promise!!

More coming soon….

Attention: Some of these links may include an affiliated link or to products, like books that they themselves offer. I do not get a kickback or anything for sharing these with you.

16 thoughts on “Breaking The Chains: One Link At A Time”

  1. I thank you too! For sharing my post again, and for faithfully and bravely shining a light on the harm porn brings both the user and the partner. Your voice matters and is making a difference!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, with the world, with such honesty and heart. Not only are you helping women recover but you are telling men the damage that is being done to the women they love. That…is powerful.

      And it’s working Cynthia. I have had men reach out to me after sharing your post. You are making a difference as well 🙂

      Thank you for allowing me to share it. I am blessed to have met you here and to be praying for you and your husband.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love the relationships I have made here in the blogging community, which definitely includes you. I never expected to find and make connections with others to the degree I have. It truly is a blessing how God has connected many of us to journey and continue growing together. God is building His army and strengthening our voices, and it is both humbling and exciting to be a part of it, isn’t it?!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Stu, so many people are affected by this today. In fact, I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been exposed to porn in someway. It is so prevalent becoming the norm. You have an awesome and much needed Ministry.
    May God bless you in all that you do!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly, you are right. It is becoming the norm and oh how I wish it was not. These young men and women have no idea the effects this will cause as they mature and look for true intimacy with a partner.

      Thank you, Denine, for you words of encouragement 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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