3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1!

I have been nominated to do the “3 Day Quote Challenge” by two amazing blogging friends. Gail over at Gail Loves God and Amy at Awakening Wildflower, thank you both so much.

The rules are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.
Nominate bloggers each day!

Pretty simple right? Yeah, not for someone as sporadic in his writing as me, but I’m going to give it a shot.

For day 1, I have chosen a quote from a pastor friend of mine, who just happens to be marriage blogger. Go check him out at Blog Thoughts of Pastor Dave Barringer.

Here is the day 1 quote:

If you stay stuck in the shame of what you did, you won’t step forward into who God wants you to become.

~Pastor Dave Barringer~

This is so powerful and it speaks so loudly.

For I know beyond a shadow of doubt, had I stayed in the shame, in the guilt of the my addiction and the places I allowed it to take me, I would NOT be the man I am today. As a matter of fact I would not writing this at all.

The thing about any addiction is that once you do said act, you feel like crap. Because you know what you’re doing is wrong so the shame and guilt kick in. And it can wear you down for days, weeks, months or even years.

The only way to get rid of the shame and guilt is to ask God for forgiveness for you actions. Ask him to remove the guilt and shame and move forward knowing that grace and mercy have done a work in your life.

Learn to forgive yourself. Take each step one at a time and press on. Allow God to work in your heart. And in return you will become the person He created you to be.

Then God will use your story…which leads into tomorrow’s quote.

Today’s nominees are:

Lydia over at Planted By The Rivers Of Water
Cheryl at The Blessed Dragon
Dallis at Life Changing The World

For those I nominated please understand you do not have to participate if you chose not to. It’s just something fun and challenging.

12 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1!”

  1. So excited to see what you will post, as I know the Lord uses you mightily! This quote for today has already encouraged me. I am sure it will encourage others! And I’ve learned of another blog of faith! God is so good! And He loves you so much, Stu!

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      1. I will as soon as I get home. I’m still new to using my tablet for WP and can’t seem to find a reblog button. I’m currently sitting with my sister in the hospital. She’s just had a liver biopsy, and has a 2 hour recovery.

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  2. Amen to this! Shame can run so deep sometimes (and the devil just keeps fanning the flame of humiliation) that it’s very tempting to stay stuck trying to hide a painful past, rather than putting it behind you, and instead help others from treading in those same murky waters. Forgiving yourself is key to moving beyond it! Great quote! πŸ’—

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