The Night I Had To Let My Thread Of Hope Go

This broke my heart this morning.

I am sharing this, with permission, to say her husband’s comments are typical of an addict in denial. He’s not an addict yet he will not stop watching.

But what truly broke my heart was the fact that she has lost hope, not in herself, but in the marriage. To read more of A.R. and her struggle please visit her blog today and give her some inspiration and hope.



In my last post, I mentioned I found pornography on my husband’s computer again. I was not going to look at his history because I didn’t want to hurt myself even more. Yet, I had this compulsion to look. I scrolled down each day. Yes, he was looking at porn weekly. Porn Hub was a site I kept on running into and so was Google images. This information did not disturb me. I have come to accept the fact that these are his “go to” sites.

I found pornography on his computer on Friday. He was out of town that whole weekend. I had keep my anger and my vomit inside of me.  I made sure this was not going to ruin my weekend with my girls. I kept on telling myself, “This is my husband’s addiction and I am not the cause.”

Late Sunday night he came home. This…

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9 thoughts on “The Night I Had To Let My Thread Of Hope Go”

  1. My heart goes out to her as well! What a difficult, painful struggle. I will definitely be praying for her heart, her marriage and her husband. I believe God IS purifying the men who truly follow him. There is hope! My church recently went through the conquer series (a series for overcoming sexual addiction). Much to our surprise 1,400 men joined. That is almost 10% of the men in my city! I couldn’t help but praise God that so many men are eager to find freedom!

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    1. Thank you for your prayers. I know she will appreciate them greatly!

      That is awesome that your church was willing to open their doors to so many men. What an amazing turn out. Praise God!

      Now, if more churches would become involved in helping men and women find freedom…

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    1. Oh, I agree 100%. And it is one of the top ways in which the enemy attacks the family. It destroys before you’re married, while you’re married and even afterwards.

      But there is freedom. It’s through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and a real relationship with Christ. It is there and only there that change can happen, because sheer will power will not work.

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