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It popped up in my memories today on Facebook…on February 10th, six years ago I was sitting in a pew in a church in Alabama.

I had been invited to Johnny Hunt’s men conference by my pastor. He even paid for my ticket to go.

Unbeknowst to me the conference would be on pornography within the church and what must be done. What a surprise that first night was. And yet, one of the powerful turning points in my life.

It was on that night God placed a calling upon me. One that scared me to death. You see, I was addicted to porn at the time. And had been for decades.

His calling…help men become free from the bondage of porn.


So, upon, returning home I started a page on Facebook called Resurrecting The Redeemed From Porn Addiction. I read articles from Covenant Eyes like crazy. I even read non- Christian articles that kind of helped me understand the appeal and dangers of a porn filled lifestyle. The more I learned and shared, the more people responded.

It was a rough start I will say that. I fell a lot. But I realized what my triggers were and avoided them to the best of ability.

That page was a jumping point into blogging and being an accountability partner. Being an accountability partner is tough no matter the addiction. Because addiction affects everyone around the one addicted.

Getting calls at two or three in the morning is tough. But knowing who is on the other end and the fact that they need someone to talk to or pray with so they don’t fall is worth it.

I’ve seen God do some amazing things in these past six years. I have witnessed first hand the power of God through recovery. Men accepting Christ as their Savior. Repenting of their sins and walking away from porn. Single men getting married, having children and loving their wives…porn free.

I’ve had women, who struggle, reach out to me. Womem, who’s husband’s porn addiction is destroying their marriage. I believe hearing their side of the story is what still pushes me forward. Because they, like their husband, are missing the one thing they are both craving…true intimacy. Porn kills intimacy!

Reflecting has been pleasant today…for the most part.

I praise God I am no longer in the chains of addiction. I praise God for the touch of his love, mercy and forgiveness in the lives of so many over the years.

I thank you, dear friends, for taking the journey with me, for following along, for your prayers, support and comments.

Let’s give God the full glory He deserves for lives changed and marriages healed. Let’s press on!

God Bless,