Guys, Do Not Stop Showing Affection

One of the things I have NEVER understood is how a man can go months without giving any attention and or affection to the woman he loves. I simple can not, for the life of me, grasp the concept of no attention to the one you love.

I don’t mean the unwanted attention like “Where is dinner?” or ” Why have you not done the dishes yet?” Or the coming home from work conversation, where you walk in, after the animals or kids have messed up everything right after she has already done the dishes, washed 10 loads of clothes, vacuumed and mopped the house and ask “What have you done all day?”

What I’m talking about is the praise of her beauty, the touch that says I missed you today, the hugs that say you are mine, the kisses that say I love you and yeah…the sex that says all the above and more.

Let me ask you a few questions real quick guys…

Could it be that you, as a child, never witnessed your dad giving positive attention and/or affection to your mom?

Could it be that now that you have “won” her, that you feel all the things you did to “win” her is no longer necessary?

Well, allow me to let you in on something. If you answered yes to any of those questions you need to rethink a few things.

Your dad may not have shown any positive attention/affection to your mom because he never saw it growing up either. But, that does not mean you have to or should follow after his footsteps. Because if you do, all you are basically doing is making the one you love feel completely alone, unimportant, uncherished and unloved.

You need to break that cycle from generations past and exhibit love. We all know that saying…actions speak louder than words.

If she asks you to hug her…then do it for crying out loud. That quick or long embrace can make all the difference in her world.


Honestly guys, if she has to ask you to hug her…you’ve missed something that is vital to your relationship…knowing her. You should know when she needs a hug just by the look in her eyes or her body language. Just saying.

See, the thing is guys, you can say I love you all day long but they can become just words if there is no action behind them.

And that actually leads into the other question I posed…

Don’t let the things (actions) that you did to “win” her heart die. Continue to do them.

Continue taking her out on dates, holding hands, putting your arms around her and communicating. Continue telling her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate all she does.

For you, that are doing those things that you did to win her heart, sometimes being spontaneous is a good thing! If you know she is in the tub give her a few minutes of quite time alone and then go in there, strip down and jump in the tub with her. Heck bathe her, wash her hair, dry her off, and lead her to the bedroom, lay her down, cover her up, kiss her goodnight, climb in bed with her with you expecting nothing more than wrapping your arms around the one you love.

Remember intimacy is not always sexual activity. It’s treating the one you love with respect, honor and yes…affection.

She is the love of your life. Treat her as such!

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