The Journey…

One of the things I always enjoyed growing up was looking for rocks. It didn’t matter where I was. If there were rocks, I was in the middle of them moving them around trying to find the one cool one, that looked different.

Sometimes I would look for ones that that had fossils in them. Sometimes I would look for ones that had been broken in half that looked like hearts. But a lot of the time I would simply try to find the smoothest one in the bunch.

I use to actually collected rocks as a kid. Tiger Eyes and Quartz were my favorites for the longest time. That is until my dad, on one of his trips to Arkansas, brought me back a rock that had crystals inside it. I still have that rock to this day. Here is what it looks like….


But the coolest thing I learned about rocks is how they go from being jagged to smooth. It’s the process that fascinated me. And it is a long process.

As I’ve grown in my walk with the Lord, I’ve come to realize how much my fascination with rocks parallels my walk with Him.

Let me see if I can explain it properly….

The rocks that we see all over the place are actually remnants of a much larger rock formation that was eroded away by wind and rain over time. That was the beginning of a very long journey.

This is how we are when we accept Christ into our lives. We are seperated from the bigger formation…the world.

Our journey, truly begins at that moment. As we continue on our journey we are tossed around in what we call “storms”. That is where our jagged edges are worn away and become smooth.

Some of our storms are rough on us, like a rock being rolled around like crazy in a rushing river.


And then at other times our storms are calm ones like that same rock that was rolled around like crazy but is now in a gentle flowing stream.


And yet, even the gentle flow is removing the roughness as it washes over.

So, just as the rock, we are constantly being changed into a better and more unique version of ourselves.

What a journey life is!

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