It’s Time To Let Go Of All That Hinders You

One of the things I did when I gave up porn was grab all my pornographic material and headed to local dumpster. I opened my trunk and threw everything in there. I had to…I just had to do it.

This Scripture reemphasizes why I needed to do that. I had to get rid of the filth that encompassed me. The only way I knew I would not watch or look is if I didn’t have it anymore. I knew for a fact that I was not strong enough, to not look, knowing I still had it. So I junked it all.

Is there something in your life you need to get rid of?

Maybe it’s your porn collection. Maybe it’s all those unopened bottles of alcohol in the cabinet, freezer of fridge.

Could be you need to get rid of all those “hidden” blades you have stashed away that you use to cut when you get down on yourself.

Maybe it’s some old music that needs to go. You know…the ones that make you think bad thoughts once the words filter into your head.

Maybe you need to distance yourself from certain people in your life. Now, granted, they are not filth or evil but some people just have to be out of your life because of things they do that influenced you to do bad things like drugs and such.

It could be you need to change jobs because the one you are in is just full of people who anger you. Trust me it’s not good to bring the anger home.

We, as humans, may be creatures of habit but in Christ we are a new creation. Old things are gone and all things are new. Those old bad habits can be changed with new good healthy habits.

Dear friends, it’s time to let go of all the things that hinder your walk with the Lord.

You may enjoy this post from my friend and brother in Christ Rameshwar on Catching the Little Foxes. I know I did.

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