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Oh boy. I watched a movie last night entitled Come What May. Despite the cinematography the movie was actually good and the actors did a great job. But it was the story that made it.

The story revolved around a young man and his mom with opposing views on abortion. Mom is a lawyer and the son is wanting to become one. Both were doing what they felt was right.

The difference was that mom was doing what was right to the world and from here own pain of having become pregnant at age fourteen and her parents forcing her to get an abortion, while her son was doing what was right in the eyes of God despite the possibility of losing funding for college.

He gave a great debate on he viability of when life begins. But he lost his debate, sadly.

Mom, on the other hand, wins her case by citing the law.

Now there is so much more to this movie than just the debate over abortion. For there are topics such as distrust, divorce, love and holding out til marriage, but the point is that all involved followed what they believed was right.

And for us, as followers of Christ, living in a world that does not care about morals…much less each other…it is vital that we do what is right despite our peers or the world view, for that matter.

Do what is right in the eyes of God. Come what may…the Lord will always honor our faithfulness and bless us for it.