Who Do You Say You Are?

Do you see yourself as a failure?

I’ll be honest with you…there was a time when I felt as if I was a failure as a husband, a dad and as a Christian. I made so many mistakes it’s ridiculous.

Life has a tendency to make us feel so bad about ourselves. With all the stressors in life there is no way we won’t make mistakes.

Even as a child of God, I let my Father down daily. When I was struggling with my porn addiction there was a time I almost believed the lies that I would never be free. That I would fail and just give up.

But here’s the facts. Making mistakes does not make us a failure!

Every person on this ball we live on, called Earth, makes mistakes. Don’t allow the mistakes made define who you are. See the mistakes for what they are…learning experiences and try your darndest not to make the same ones again.

Being a Christian does make me perfect. Don’t believe me…ask my friends…ask the men that have asked me to be their accountability partner, for they know for a fact I’m far from perfect.

I sin…daily. Some of them I don’t realize are sins until the Holy Spirit convicts me later or even right afterwards. And sometimes I have it bassackwards…thinking I’m doing right when actually it’s wrong.

But I don’t let those sins define me as a person. I am a sinner, yes. Am I a failure in the eyes of God because of them? No!

Yes, I make a lot of mistakes…still and yet the reason I know I am not a failure is in the fact that I don’t wallow in those mistakes. I learn from those mistakes, I grow from them and become a better person from them.

Does it hurt sometimes to learn and grow from those mistakes? Heck yeah, hurts like crap…but…that means I’m on the right track.

Here’s the thing though..now…I don’t see myself as a failure.

I am not a failure!

You, my dear friend are not a failure either!

You and I are a work in progress…always learning.

So don’t see yourself as a failure no matter what you have done and no matter what others say to the contrary.

For as a man thinks in his heart…so he is.



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