Sharing Our Faults With Others

This verse is so powerful to me, personally. 

You see confessing my sins to God does wonders for me but sharing them with someone is freeing. We are supposed to share one another’s burdens.

So by confessing to another person and having that person pray for us is powerful. And it’s a powerful tool that the devil can’t stand for he knows the power of prayer. That’s why it is hard to confess our faults to another person.

Don’t give the devil any more room. Don’t listen to the lies he is spewing saying that she or he will only look down upon you or if they only knew they wouldn’t like you anymore. 

Be real, be honest and let the Lord start healing you. Find a friend that you can trust and just share with them what is going on in your life and allow them to share with you what’s happening in theirs. Pray for one another.

Trust me, keeping it all inside to yourself will drive you to depression or worse.


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