God Dictates Our Worth…Not Man

Now, I know for a fact that everyone has picked up some money off the ground in their life. You will just be walking along and there it is. And it doesn’t matter the value of the money…you just instinctively pick it up, put it in your pocket and go about your merry way.

Have you ever stopped to consider the journey that money made to get there so you could find it? Most of us don’t. I’m sure that we do not consider the fact that the money found could have been used to pay for drugs, a prostitute, sex trafficking or stolen from someone else before being dropped.

Any money found has a story behind it, yet without knowing the story we pick up the money because we know the value of that money.

How do we know the value of said money? It’s simple, someone in high authority gave it it’s value.

So no matter if the money was found all crumpled up in a ditch and covered in mud we would still pick it up, wash it and lay it out to dry to be used

Now, take into consideration that everyone on this planet has a story…

Now, consider the fact that a higher authority, God, has given each of us value. Remember, now, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the Creator.


How many times a day do we come in contact with people? Do we know their stories?

Probably not and even if we did know some of it, would we be willing pick them up, help dust them off and set them on their feet so they can see their value.

Think about this for a second…

What if everyone walked right past you, as if you were a leper, and never once gave you a single look or a helping hand, much less picked you up because they did not know your true value.

Would you be where you are today?

Would you be who you are today if someone had not been looking for value, even if said value was covered with mud laying in the ditch of sin?

Here’s the thing. Just as with money and the value placed upon it by said higher power so are people. Their value is not based on their past sins, their current sins, nor is it based on future sins. Their value is based on the Creator of everything that we, as people, hold dear.

And just like the money that can be picked up, washed off and used to the benefit of others so can every person on this planet.

No matter where that person has been and no matter what that person has done prior to you seeing them…they have value. That person can be picked up, cleaned by the blood of Christ, sins forgiven and led to walk in newness of life to be used by our Creator for His glory and purpose.

So next time you come across anyone, see their value through God’s eyes and heart and not the value placed on them by others. For only God can dictate our value not man!

See the true value of those broken, torn and downhearted as God does…worthy of love!


The Creator of all things fearfully, wonderfully and intricately made you. How much more value or worth can one have than that?

No one was made via a cookie cutter machine like money is!!

You are unique!

You are special!

You have value!!



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