My Pneumonia Journey

Hey guys, this post will be a little long as I want to share with you what happened today.

As many of you know I suffered through pneumonia from February to like May of this year with several doctor visits and oh so many pokes, prods, X-rays, CT scans and blood work. But through it all a spot remained on my right lung. So in order to determine whether it is residual bacteria from the pneumonia, cancer, or some scar tissue since I did bruise the cartilage between my ribs from coughing so much they scheduled me with a biopsy.

Today, was the day for my lung biopsy.

I arrive at the hospital around 7:30 this morning, get signed in and head to the day surgery floor. I get into my room and put on the crazy gown for hospital stays. Then the wait begins.

A nurse finally comes in to put in my IV and says the doctor will be in shortly. Well, we all know what that means…so I lay back while watching Supernatural. I am almost asleep when she comes in due to the fact I was so nervous about the procedure I didn’t sleep last night. But anyway, she says she would like to do a new X-ray to ensure that the dark spot on my lung was in fact still there. Of course, I’m in agreement.

But before she leaves she let’s me know that she does not want to do a biopsy because my lungs are so thin…they could puncture. She then says there is another procedure where they forcefully flush water into your lungs, hitting the walls. Then they would suction out the water along with the cells that come off the walls and then send the cells off to be tested. I’m like I like that one better 🙂

But…prayer works folks!

When she viewed the new X-ray she comes in and says that the mass (whatever it is) has shrunk in size and that the darkness has lessened. She then states that she wants to do a new CAT Scan to give her a better view and to compare it to the one I had done back in May.

So out with the IV, on with the clothes and down to the 2nd floor and wait. The doctor said that she would call me after viewing the results to discuss options.

She actually called while I was napping. But I called her back and she goes let’s just do a follow up CAT Scan in a month because the one from today looks amazingly well. She said it has shrunk drastically in size but because I am a smoker she still has concerns, hence the reason for the follow up.

Guys, thank you immensely for your prayers! They are being answered!!



2 thoughts on “My Pneumonia Journey”

  1. What good news for you! Praise God indeed! But now it’s time to work on that smoking habit. My father smoked all his life. When he developed cancer they were unable to do surgery because his lungs were so bad. He had to quit smoking for 6 weeks to heal the lungs before surgery. After the surgery he was told he must not smoke again. He didn’t go to any program, he just used self-control–a fruit of the Holy Spirit. He never smoked another cigarette and lived many more years. God bless you!


    1. Yes, it was good news! And it is time for me to work on my smoking. My kids have been wanting me to quit for years and I keep saying I will.

      It’s time to give them their wish and get myself healthier.


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