Be Watchful And Pray To Avoid Temptation


The key, I have found out with my own recovery process, is being vigilant towards things that could be a temptation for me as well as praying when I am tempted.

I always have to be aware of my surroundings and that includes those that ARE around me. I see things a LOT differently than I did four or five years ago. I do not take those “double-takes” anymore because I know where my mind use to go when I did.

I am watchful of the things I watch on TV, as well as my phone and I have had to unfriend people on Facebook for the photos they were sharing. Just being watchful and diligent.

I also have to be mindful of my words and how I react to others. I am normally a calm and quiet man but I do have a temper and if I let it loose I have no control over what comes out of my mouth.

And I must admit I was not so mindful the other day when I someone said something totally stupid. I kind of let them have it. Had to apologize later.

But…anyway…here is the one thing that has helped me the most.

Every night before bed I pray and ask the Lord to clear my mind of any unpure thoughts and allow me to go to sleep, because that was always the time when I was tempted to look at porn the most….when I was tired and couldn’t go to sleep. That, for me, was when my spirit was willing but my flesh wasn’t.

When depression sets in now I will turn on some music and pray, instead of resorting to my old habits.

Music is my therapy, as is writing here.

I do not know your struggles….maybe it is porn, anger, a sexless marriage, alcohol, drugs or over eating. But I do know, in order not to fall, you must be watchful and be mindful of who you allow in your circle and your surroundings. And for heaven’s sake pray when temptation comes.


May we be always aware of our surroundings. May we be careful about who we allow into our lives. Keep our hearts and minds pure. Give us the strength to be watchful, as it can be taxing. If we do fall and sin let us promptly ask for forgiveness. Keep us focused on working out our sanctification and break our hearts Father of what breaks yours.



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