Is That Desire And Passion Still There?

I was reading one of my YouVersion Bible plans yesterday and one of the verses was from the Song of Solomon.

Here I am reading the verse and this just hit me as I kept reading. So totally cool.


Do you remember when you were dating and just the sight of the one you loved got you all excited and tingly inside? If you don’t, you should reminisce​. It will bring a huge smile to your face.

Try to remember what it felt like to hold their hand. Try to remember that adrenaline, as you rushed to grab their hand, when they motioned to you that they wanted your hand in theirs.

Try to remember what their scent did to you. Did it make you weak in the knees in anticipation of holding them in your arms?

Try to remember the way it felt when you could not get enough of their kisses, their touch, the sight of them or their love.

Now I know this particular verse is referencing the Shulamite woman and her arousal at just the sight of Solomon’s hand, but guys do you still have those feelings for your love?

Do you walk up behind her, wrap your arms around her waist, lean in to her neck and just breathe her scent in?

Do you still get excited holding her hand or with your arm wrapped around her while shopping?

Do you still feel as if you can not stop kissing her once she greets you with a kiss?

Do you still just simply get excited and aroused just by the sight of her?

Do you still desire to be by her side as much as possible?

If the answer, to any of these, is no then I suggest praying that God open your heart back up to your love and to let the passion and desire flow once again.

Bring the passion, arousal and intrigue back into your relationship. Bring the intimacy back and hold on for the ride.

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