The Wonderful Power Of A Testimony


Oh boy, do I love hearing someone give their testimony. To hear how they hit rock bottom, call out to God for help. To hear how the blood of Jesus washed over them to bring forgiveness, healing and a new life is such a joy.

Each time I hear one I can’t help but to stand up and clap. Clap to praise God for who He is and for them for sharing and letting God have control.

Everyone has a story to tell. It may not be like mine or yours, as each one of us have different struggles. But that’s just it…we each have struggles.

And it doesn’t matter what struggles that person had or still has…it’s the fact that if God can forgive them and change them then God can change you and I.

By calling out to God and allowing Jesus’ blood, that was shed for you and I, to wash over us and cleanse us of ours sins we become a walking testimony of God’s grace and mercy. That is when we become a overcomer and a conqueror, never giving up on our faith because we know that God is faithful and will finish the good work He began in us.

Please share your story with others! Give them hope! Give them a reason to call on God in their own lives for healing, forgiveness, newness, and love.



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