Many Who Have Suffered At The Hands Of Others Become A Beacon Of Hope For Those Still Trapped In Silence


Man, the devil keeps so many of us tied to the lies of we are not good enough or we are all alone in our struggles. Honestly, I was one that believed those lies for a long time with my own struggles.

But, I want to discuss other things today.

I do not believe a parent or a spouse should ever be violent towards those they love.

I have a lot of friends that were sexually molested growing up. I have friends that were both physically and verbally abused as a child and as a teen.

I have had friends think they were free of the abuse once they got married only to find it again in their spouse.

Many of them never told a soul about what was going on because of fear. The ones who did ended up getting it worse when their abusive parent or spouse found out. They then remained silent and suffered alone.

I understand their reason for staying silent but I do not like the fact that they do suffer is silence. Not having a voice to protect themselves must be so difficult and lonely.


Should we be their voice IF we know something is going on? Should we allow them to continue to suffer? I, for one, do not know the answer for sure. Because what happens if we say something and it gets worse?

I do know that sometimes that silent child becomes a vocal adult against the very thing that kept them trapped in their silence. They become that voice for the mute and stand up for the rights of all those who are unfortunate, defenseless and trapped within their silence. They help others have hope as they share their story.

Let us all take time everyday to pray for the abused whether it be verbal, physical or sexual.



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