The Key To Finding Peace

Back when I was going to Wednesday prayer meetings I would stay afterwards and chat with the older men and women in the church. There was this one woman in particular who was ALWAYS joyful. And to be completely honest it aggravated me that she was always happy.

But one day I finally asked her how she could always be full of joy considering everything that had happened to her and how things were in the world in general. Her answer was simple. “Stuart, I have always placed my faith and trust in God.”

So simple and yet so hard. There have been so many times in my journey that I have doubted my faith in God. Many times I have cursed out God while questioning what I am to do next or why He just allowed that to happen.

But that is where I faltered. Being worried about what to do next is actually being anxious. And what had just happened, no matter how bad my heart hurt or had been broken, would make me stronger in the long run.


Right now, I am struggling to find peace. But if I am to be a doer of the Word I need to be in prayer for every situation with thankfulness. And that includes my deteriorating health, my kids and how to guide them and my future in my career, mission, and whatever love life He allows me to have.

I must heed the words spoken into my life that night.

For scripture tells me in Hebrews 11:1 that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

That faith in things hoped for and the trust to know that God loves me and has this amazing plan for my future that I can’t see yet.

That is where my peace is and I must get to that point.


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