Sometimes It’s Just Plain Tough​ Being An Accountability Partner

Man, sometimes it is so difficult to be an accountability partner. Especially when it deals with pornography. This verse sums it all up for me.


There are have been so many times where I am listening to a young man tell me about what his struggle with porn has done to him and I remember when mine started, the path it took me down and how deep down that pit I allowed myself to go. But anyway…

Here I am listening to this man or young person tell me when he started watching, the things he has seen, the things he has done and more often than not I find myself saying yeah I know EXACTLY what you mean.

I share with them that it was and is only by God’s grace I am free. And that sharing my own struggle with my accountability partners and by calling on them when I felt the temptation to watch was I able to stay away.

And the whole time I am fighting a battle in my own mind trying NOT to remember the things I have seen and done in my own past. As a friend told me one day “Things seen can not be unseen.”

If I’m not careful I could end up revisiting things and allow myself to ponder, which could lead me to me looking at porn again. I have to diligent in my prayers before and after that phone call, thread on messenger or text.

I can’t go back.

Please pray for me as I continue in this journey God has called me to…helping other men find freedom from pornography.


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