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How do you read your Bible?

Are you one of those who just let that Bible set on a night stand and only read the words Holy Bible on the cover?

Are you one of those only on Sunday readers? You know the ones. Those who take their Bible to church with them, opens it when the preacher says to and then sits on the pew beside them and does not look at it again until it is time to close it to pray at the end of the service.

Do you read a couple of verses a day, but that’s it?

Are you one those who actually reads a chapter at a time using the references to other verses to get a better understanding of what you just read and then re-read it?

I have personally been all of these types of Bible readers in my life. I have been the one allowing God’s Word to just sit there and collect dust while my life was completely unraveling. And I have been the one who prayed and studied and tried to apply it on a daily basis.

Guess which one allowed me to get closer to God? Yeah…you know.

But…I believe there is a better way. One that will take a little more time to do.  The implementation of this will take practice and determination. Yet the overall outcome could be a live changer.

I would first remove all possible distractions. Wake up a little earlier. Turn off your phone. Even if you a have a Bible app on your phone the notifications from other apps will be a distraction.

Open you Bible to where you want to read. Then before your start reading pray. Ask God to fill your little area with His presence. Yes, I know God is always with us.  But there is a big difference between knowing He is there than asking Him to come sit beside you and actually feeling His presence.

Then read the chapter or verses that you had chosen, taking note of words or names that jump out at you. If you do not know who the person is that is being spoken of look them up and get a brief history lesson. If there is a word you do not understand look it up and get it’s definition. Re-read it a second time if you need too.

Upon completion of reading take a moment to ponder on what you just read and the words that jumped out at you or tugged at your heart. Do you see a correlation between the words and your life or are they missing in your life?

Then thank God for His Word. Tell Him how you feel about it. Trust me, there have been many times where I am like “God, how the heck am I supposed to do this one.”

Ask Him to reveal to you how to apply what you have read into your life. Then sit and listen. He might tell you right then and there or it might be after something happens during the day. Or it might be weeks later and your like “Awe dang, that’s it. That is what that meant.” And then you know and understand. Happens to me a lot.

Now, I understand us being under a time restraint with work, kids and other duties. But I truly believe this way of reading the Word of God will actually allow it to become the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path to guide us, to mold us and to draw us closer to God in our relationship with Him.

Pray, read, dig and apply.

May God bless you all!