Not All Words Spoken Should Be Paid Attention To

There have been so many times in my life where this verse should have applied in my life.

By applying this I would have not had so much stress, anger, resentment and self-worth issues.

Somethings we hear should just go through one ear and out the other without stopping in our brain to be processed at all. Now, I’m not saying to ignore someone but some words just do not need to linger. And they sure as heck do not need to be stuck in a box to pondered on later.
That was and still is, to a point,  my issue in life. You can affirm me to the point where I’m ecstatic, but if one word in there even remotely references me in any way shape or form in a negative manner I concentrate on that one word and forget all the good stuff you put before it.
My girlfriend I had last year would do this to me. Not all the time mind you but enough. And she knew that words of affirmation was one of my love languages since we took the test together.
My ex-wife would do it and still does.
Friends will do it sometimes.
Co-workers do it.
Family​ members sneak one in on occasion.
These words hurt or make me angry, but if I can get to the point where I do not hear ALL the words spoken I will be better off.
What about you? Should you take this verse and heed it your own life? I’m sure there are some words your spouse said or a co-worker said that maybe you should have let just go in one ear and out the other ear without even bothering with them.
For our own sake and sanity I believe we should apply this verse in our lives daily. But alas…many times the, be a doer of the Word IS a lot harder than being a hearer of the WORD.
As for me, I am going to try my hardest to apply this to my life.


4 thoughts on “Not All Words Spoken Should Be Paid Attention To”

  1. I’ve gotten so sensitive to criticism in my 40+ years of living on a performance-based self-worth scale that a raised eyebrow or eye roll can put me in a tailspin. I know in my head my validation comes from God alone but all my years as an addict was covering the emptiness in youth and it just seems it doesn’t let go very easily. I dig your blog brother!


    1. Performance based…now that could be something we both could write a post on I believe. But yeah, I’m right there with ya.

      A lot of it for me is that people still bring up my past in the little ways. But I take those little ways and turn them into big ones and it just sits there in my head and heart for days, weeks, or months and eats at me. That’s why when I saw that verse I was like awe man I have got to figure this one out.

      This is why being a Christian, to me, is so hard at times. The way we were taught as a child, whether via school or parents, goes against scripture for the most part. Hard to unlearn some things.

      I’m glad you dig my blog. That I needed to hear right now! I read mental masturbation last night. Loved it. I need to catch up reading yours.


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