Surrendering A Struggle, Hurt or Habit Can Happen At Any Age

I shared this the other day on Facebook but I want to share it with you all as well….

Had an amazing night tonight at Richland Celebrate Recovery. During the worship part Brandon, my son, asked what the glass jar full of blue chips were for. So we sat down during one of the songs and I explained to him that the blue chips were there for people who are struggling with something and want to give it to God or they were doing something wrong and wanted to give it to God they could come get a blue chip. The chip then represented giving that struggle, issue or situation to God and the date would remind them of doing that.

So Brandon then says I want a chip. I asked him what for and he told me that he wanted to give his anger up. I told him that that was a valid reason to get a chip and that he could get one. He was a little hesitant at first but he took in a deep breath and heads to the jar and gets a chip, in front of everyone. And of course everyone starts clapping…we do that for everyone that gets a chip.

He comes back to his seat and I give him a hug and just hold him as we sing the last song of worship. After worship he goes to be with the rest of the kids who are working on Mother’s Day presents.

I go to the stage to give the 8 principles and just stand there for a second. One, it has been over 2 years since I have stood on that stage and two I was looking at that glass jar full of blue chips.

After introducing myself, I ask them to give me a sec, as two of my brothers stay on stage to pray over me because I’m teary eyed. I then let them know that that was my 9 year old son that came and got a chip earlier and that it doesn’t matter if you are 9 or 90, if God is telling you give something to Him then get off your​ rear and get a chip.


What surprised both Brandon and I is that a few people came up to us later, both men and women, and told Brandon that he inspired them to get their blue chip tonight. The look of humbleness was all over him.

Then of course I get teary eyed again….

God is still an awesome God.


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