Do Not Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger

Many marriages are in danger today.

When a spouse says they do not love you anymore it is because they have been hurt by their spouse. K, I get that. Been there done that.

But, in my opinion, a lot of that hurt is self inflicted though. And here is why. You are hurt by your spouse, for whatever reason..sexual sin, failure to live up to your expectations..whatever it doesn’t matter. Your feeling anger and resentment and building your walls, while your spouse is more than likely recovering from something you did to hurt them. Again doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you let the sun go down on your anger. Instead of saying honey, I’m sorry I screwed up..will you forgive me?… you allowed those feelings to fester in your heart and the longer you allow that to happen the worse it gets.

As husband and wife, we must work together to make the marriage work. It takes patience, integrity, forgiveness and the love of Christ…daily.

We can not allow the enemy a foothold in the door of our marriages. Seek forgiveness daily from your spouse. Before you pray at night ask your spouse if there was anything I did today that hurt you. Then apologize, so I AM sorry, will you forgive me.

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