Dirty Laundry: Time To Clean

Have you ever really cleaned a closet? I mean taking everything out and reorganizing everything as you go. I personally have. And I will tell you it’s a chore and a blessing at times to. There are a lot of things that get thrown into a closet. There are boxes in there that hold a lot of memories and while cleaning you just have to look into those boxes and remember..sometimes alone and sometimes it’s “Hey honey, come check this out!” And then after sharing the memories you put it right back where it was and close the lid. Maybe you cried, maybe you didn’t. I usually do whether it is in joy or sadness.
We would love to have everyone look into our closet and see freshly ironed shirts and pants. We like for them to look into our shirt drawer and see them neatly folded as well.
That would be perfect! But this world is a fallen mess! And our closets look nothing like that picture you just envisioned while reading the note above. Life sometimes is not pretty. Sometimes life hurts and we take our emotional clothing and just throw it in the closet, thinking it will go away or clean itself. 
They won’t! They will stay right there until you take it out, shake it off, put in through the washer..basically deal with it. You have to deal with the dirty laundry sometimes. And it hurts everytime you uncover another one. 
The cool thing about marriage is that you have someone who is willing to go through the closet of your life with you! And you know why? They love you and whatever hurts you hurts them. You are one. They want you to heal!
It really is time to clean the closets of our lives. That ole shirt we threw in the corner needs to be taken out. You grab one sleeve and and ask you spouse to grab the other. Shake it! Get the dust off and examine it. Together look at it and find that dirty spot that made you throw it the closet in the first place. Share the memories of that stain. Remember everything that affects you affects your spouse. Then pray together to find a way to wash the stain out. It may take several washings cuz there could another stain under the first one. 
And when it comes out of the dryer hang it with the “clean” shirts as a reminder of the healing that took place. After all we have the best detergent in the universe…the soul cleansing blood of the lamb.

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