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Everyone wants to change something in their life in one form or another. And trust me, there is probably something in a loved one. The problem is you can’t or you would have already changed them into the “perfect” man or woman you want.

You can’t change if you are trying to change for anyone else other than yourself. You have to get to that point where it’s like alright I can’t do this anymore Lord, not because it hurts so and so but because it is hurting me and I know it is hurting you. And many times when we hit the part in the struggle we are in tears realizing what we have done or allowed. We are on our knees seeking forgiveness, redemption and love that only God can provide. That is the breaking point…rock bottom.

That is step one and for many it is the hardest step. The ensuing steps can be just as difficult. Finding a brother or sister in Christ to help hold you accountable and pray with and for you. Removing friends from your life that will hinder the growth God wants for you. Removing yourself from situations that could cause you to stumble.

For those who are earnestly trying to change…I applaud you…I will pray for you….and the best advice I can give is that you give your life over to God and His control day by day….moment by moment if you have to.

God Bless,