Focal Point

Everyone takes pictures now-a-days, whether it is with a camera, tablet or phone. And it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, in the photo, there is always a focal point. Using myself as an example, here for a minute, when I take a photo the subject is always in the center of the photo. And there is a reason for that. I want whoever sees the photo to concentrate on the reason I took the photo in the first place.

As a Christian my focal point should be God…but it is tough at times.


Is it even possible in this day and age to actually have God be the focal point of our lives?

I mean really…we have so many distractions to keep our mind and our body occupied. There are things such as yard maintenance, school, work, raising the kids, the bills, our spouses’ needs, any sports activity, television, books, music and the stressors that go with them. It’s a wonder that we have time to breathe.

On the outside looking in I see a lot of people who most definitely place sports first in their life. Instead of ensuring the kids are in church they will ensure that they never miss a game. My observation folks…not saying there is anything wrong with sports and going to the games. For me, with having so many friends who have lost their children over the last five years, I would rather ensure my children have a relationship with God than a homerun, touchdown or goal.

Many of us wake up, drink some coffee and it’s off to work with no thought of prayer much less reading a few verses from scripture. Then when we get home it’s dinner, shower and off to bed. If you have children you must spend time with them. Time with your spouse is a must if you are married. See it can be tough to fit God in.

Then there are the things we self-medicate our hurt with like overeating, drugs, alcohol, sex and watching pornography. What if the self-medication could go away?

I have a challenge for you my dear friends….

Spend fifteen minutes with God. I don’t care what part of the day you do that in…just do it. Then increase that time to twenty minutes the next week and then thirty minutes the next. It does not have to be all at the same time. I divide mine up. I spend time with God in the morning, lunch and before bed while praying throughout the day. What I have found is that the more time I spend with God the time I want to spend with Him.

Are there days where it is tough? Heck yeah! When I have a few days in a row that go south I really do not want to talk to God. But those are the days that I need to the most. Those are the days where I might only spend the fifteen minutes instead of the thirty.

But what I have found is that by placing Him first in the morning my days do go better. I sleep better at night after asking God to clear my mind and thanking Him for the day and for the events of the day whether good or bad.

God can be the focal point but it is a daily chose to have Him there. Make that choice dear friend. Take the challenge and then let me know how it works for you. Did the need to self-medicate the hurt dissipate? Did healing take place as you sought Him? Did forgiveness take place? Did your outlook on life become clearer as you focus on Him?





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