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I’m honestly not sure what hurts my heart the most, getting letters from hurting wives or hearing from a young adult that they have a porn problem.

Just this morning I opened my Facebook page to see a comment from a woman whose husband has a sex/porn addiction. My heart just sank I tell you!

I can hear from a parent whose son has been caught watching porn and all I can think of are the struggles I had growing up and it tears my heart up to think that this child could possibly have the same or worse. Pornography has become more deviant than it was when I was growing up and watching it all the time.

Men, when are we going to realize the emotional damage we do to our wives/girlfriends with our selfish actions of viewing pornography? When are we going to stop and realize that it is NOT just what men do?


We choose to watch pornography. Yeah, that little pop up may happen and you see it. Ok, that is an accidental view. BUT, if you hit the link on said pop up you have made conscious choice. You just chose to look at another woman INSTEAD of your spouse. And when, not if, she finds out it will crush her.

She will feel as if she is not good enough, not sexy enough, not beautiful enough and cannot please you. More importantly than her own emotions she will feel that YOU do not find her attractive. You have betrayed her trust in you and you WILL lose that trust you worked so hard to build. She will pull away. She may not even have sex with you for days, weeks, months…maybe never again.

Men, you must understand that having sex with your wife is a privilege and an honor, as she has given her most precious gift she can ever give to you…herself. To tarnish that by watching another women will make her feel…well…worthless.

Guys…It doesn’t matter if you look at porn as a means of self-medication for a past tragedy or just a means to relieve some stress, if you are married it is adultery plain and simple.

I know some other bloggers feel I am wrong in this area and I really don’t care. God says in His Word that if we look upon a woman with lust in our hearts we have committed adultery with her in our hearts (Matthew 5:28 stuversion).  I don’t need man’s opinion when God says it is wrong.

The choice is ours guys. We MUST choose to remain faithful to our wives, regardless of the circumstances. We must be men of integrity! We must wake up every morning saying I love you, I cherish you, and I choose you and then live it out.