Can I Be The Spiritual Leader?

When I started my Facebook group Spiritual Leaders of the Family I was going through a very tough time in my life. The group was a means for a few of my close friends to encourage one another, pray for one another and to help each other to not make the same mistakes we had in the past. Eventually that group grew into having men and, yes, women share with one another their thoughts on life, scripture, marriage and raising Godly children. We even started calling each other randomly just to chat and pray for another.

Then one day I had a wild hair and started a page on Facebook using the same name. At first, I just started by sharing things that I had learned by reading some books. I still do that from time to time but mostly I share what other bloggers have to say on marriage and how to be the leader of the family.

All the while, hoping that one day I would have the honor of leading my new wife and our combined family spiritually by following scripture.

Spiritual Leader

My new love, Angie, sees that leadership in me. What an amazing feeling knowing that she sees that in me when I still have my own personal doubts.

I know that being the spiritual leader requires much more than me just reading the Bible by myself and going with the family to church. I also know that is more than just praying for Angie and our children.

It will take so much work on my part to ensure that I am living in integrity in all aspects of my life. I know the umbrella diagram. You know the one where it is God first, wife second, children third and everything else after that. I believe this to be a true example of how things should work.

My integrity should begin with my personal relationship with God. It will include my prayer life, Bible study and yes going to church to become more of a disciple of Christ. But it will also need to include how I am as a steward of my time not only with Him but others as well, our finances, our home and possessions, and so much more.

My integrity with Angie will be a priority as well. She means the world to me so I know for a fact that I would have no problem at all not looking at other women in an inappropriate manner. I just could do NOT that to her. I would never cheat on her in shape or fashion. So that part of my integrity would not be in question.

That integrity will also include how I treat her. She is God’s daughter after all. Therefore I will need to treat her as such with honor, admiration and love.

I will give her my time even if it just means sitting there with my arm around her while she puts her head on my chest for comfort. I would love to be with her twenty-four hours a day seven days a week but I know that is impossible as we both will have to work. But she will have my time from the time I get home until the time I go back to work.

I pray for her daily now. And I so look forward to praying with her as husband and wife one day soon. I hope she will be willing to pray out loud with me, but if not I will be more than willing to just bow my head and hold her hand while she prays.

I will need to learn how to allow her into my Bible study time so that we can grow spiritually at the same time. I know we will study and pray alone as well but I believe that we will share with one each other what we are praying for and learning.

I imagine that we will both take care of the finances and our possessions as a couple. Ensuring, that we are working together to look out for our family. This will include the house note/rent, cars, yard, bills and other purchase as we agree on.

I look forward to sharing the household chores of cleaning, cooking and doing laundry with her.

Prayerfully, our children will understand how important they are to us and at the same time understand that Angie and I will need to put each other second only to our relationship with God.

It is a very big responsibility being the spiritual leader of a family. But with Angie’s help I am certain that I will be up to the challenges that will face us. I am also certain that there are a lot more things about being a leader that I have either not read or learned on my own yet. I pray Angie has the patience to allow me to grow into the role that she needs, wants and sees me filling.

I pray God gives me this chance…

Dear friends, thank you for taking the time out of your hectic day to read this. Please feel free to offer advice or guidance in the comment section. I am willing to learn…for by learning I gain knowledge which leads to wisdom. Wisdom can then be passed down.

God Bless,




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