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One thing my son, Brandon, loves watching is a potter at his/her wheel. He will stay there looking so intently at every water drop applied, the hand movement of the potter, the delicate procedure of applying a utensil to the clay and the speed of the wheel to ensure that the clay does not go flying. I enjoy watching all this as well. It intrigues me how a lump of clay can become such a wonderful and beautiful piece of art at the hands of the potter.

Today I was having a conversation and I used the potter’s wheel to describe the fact that God is still working on me. I’ll admit…I teared up.

I have seen the master’s hands take my broken self and place me ever so lovingly in the center of the wheel. He put His loving hands around me to hold me in place. He then applied just enough water to make me pliable and started to work on my imperfections.

Oh, how I wish I was a perfect lump of clay for Him to mold into perfection with the first spin. But, alas, I am not a perfect lump of clay. Even now, there are still a lot of air bubbles that God must work out. Sometimes it is gentle pressure of the sponge that is applied, other times it requires more pressure of His hand to remove the imperfection and yet sometimes He actually has to cut that part away completely.

I know that clay is an inanimate object with not feeling whatsoever, but we humans on the other hand have an immense array of feelings and emotions. There was a long time in my life where I felt nothing nor did I ever cry. That changed when God started working on and in my life.

When God placed me on the wheel and starting to work on my heart, the emotions I felt were overwhelming to the point of crying. The forgiveness felt while removing the sin laden past shook me to my core.

I found out that I was not broken as once thought. I just needed to be remolded and healed. By applying more water and a little pressure God smoothed out my open sores so they could become scars. I will admit it hurt at times and I fought Him a lot there for a while. But once I realized that when I allowed Him to do the healing and reshaping things went a lot smoother than when I tried to fix myself or take control of the wheel.

I thank God He is control of the wheel and I’m not.

I know for a fact that I will always be a work in progress while I live in this earthen vessel. But His artwork is beginning to shine and be seen.  I thank Him daily for lovingly remolding me into a vessel that others can see His handiwork in.

One day, I will be that wonderful and beautiful piece of art but until that time comes I will continue to allow Him control of the wheel to mold and shape me into what He wants.

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If you, dear friend, have areas in your life that you feel need some work please consider allowing the Creator of all to have complete control of the wheel in your life.

God Bless,