Are You Willing?


To me one of the only ways to overcome any addiction is with help from another. Why God allows some people to become free and stay free after repentance is beyond my understanding.

I’ve heard stories and have talked with people one on one who have had such freedom…but they are few and far between. That is why I believe freedom comes from the help and support of others. Men and women who have gone through the same issues and struggles…or are going through them but have success in staying clean.

Are YOU one of these type of people? Have you had success dealing with your addiction? Are you walking in freedom?

If so…are you willing…

Are you willing to take up the mantle of mentor or accountability partner?

Are you willing to actually go that extra step to help someone?

Are you willing to ask the hard questions that you yourself dealt with?

Are you willing to allow yourself to become accessible?

Are you willing to share your story to help another?

If so…allow me the honor of saying thank you!

Right now there are literally thousands of men and women wanting freedom from drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex addiction, anger and resentment issues and a whole slew of other issues life presents us with.

And you dear friend could and should offer them hope.

We are called to love one another in a Christ like love. Now that type of love is not a selfish love that says look what I have done.

Christ exhibited His love for mankind by pointing to the Father. And ultimately dying an excruciating death on the cross to show us that love. That while we were yet sinners..Christ died for us. That we might be forgiven of our sins and have a relationship with the Father. He sacrificially gave of himself.

We should be willing to do the same. Will God ask you to die for someone while you are helping them gain freedom? Probably not…BUT He will ask you to die of yourself. Because when you take on the responsibility of an accountability partner you are in essence giving of yourself sacrificially.

You will be giving of your time. The one commodity that can not be gotten back when lost. Yes, you will lose several hours in a week from talking, praying and crying with or over someone. But the reward for doing just that is far more precious than those few hours lost.

There have been many times where I will get a text or a phone call and my heart breaks because the person on the other end tells me they have fallen and watched porn or went out and had too many drinks. I will talk with them for a while, offer some advice or scripture, and then pray for them after the call or while I am on the phone with them. Yeah, I lost some of MY time but I gain so much more.

I remember my struggle with drinking and porn. I remember the yearning to drink and watch. I remember the withdrawals and what they felt like. But I also remember the joy of NOT drinking or looking at porn. I know the freedom!

I have to share. It is my calling!

I know that you dear friend remember what it was like being trapped and then being free. That freedom must be shared. Give of your time, your tears, your life all the while pointing them to Christ through love. Love them and give of yourself.

Be willing dear friend!

God Bless,


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