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Saying I am sorry comes natural at times. For most of us it is just something we say to avoid conflict.

I guess my question is…do we mean it?

Do we sincerely mean I am sorry when we say it? Think long and hard because being sincere in your apology means to be humble. It also means that you are taking responsibility for your actions or words.

It does NOT mean that you are weak. On the contrary it means you are strong.

The humbleness it takes to say I am sorry with authentic and heart felt sincerity is what allows healing to take place for the person we have wronged. There in lies the strength…humbleness.

For, without those attributes of the apology the words said are just that…words. Words that are meant to defuse the situation only and not being about healing. Without those attributes the apology will only bring about resentment and anger.

Please folks…when you apologize to anyone…do so with a humble and sincere heart.

Luke 6:31
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Stuversion)

Be strong and courageous!