Words Of Affirmation


I have come to realize that this is one of my love languages. It is so powerful that the right words can bring me to tears.

Growing up I never had this type of love. And it is not my parents fault…as they were never shown it either. Yes…I was told “Good job” but that is about all I remember.

Sadly, times have not changed. Instead of people being built up…all I see and hear are words that tear someone down. It is so disheartening…to say the least.

Have you really taken notice to people lately. I mean REALLY noticed them. If you haven’t you SHOULD!

You think you feel bad sometimes after you boss says something negative or your spouse says something that hurt….

Yeah…I know it hurts. But think of all the people walking around looking like the weight of the world is on their shoulder. Well…it’s not gravity making them look like that.

I understand the stress of bills, work, church, family and just life in general. The devil is ALWAYS trying to keep me down. But I also understand how one word of encouragement can bring me up from a low spot.

Did you know that a simple “Honey, I adore you” can go a very long way.

I make mistakes all the freaking time. I am so far from perfect. BUT, when my future wife tells me “Honey, I adore you” a lot of my stress will just melt away knowing that she adores me.

I believe a lot of the time we are all so focused on ourselves that we forget to give words of affirmation to our spouses, co-workers, friends, family and our children.

Have ever thought of hugging your child, giving him or her a high five, and telling them how pleased you are at them for completing that chore, acing a test or simply just because you love them?

Men…we are the leaders of the family. It is a God ordained role. One that should NOT be taken lightly.

We should never say words that tear our spouse down. And if we have children we should never say things that would tear them down. We are to build UP our family.

This goes for the wife as well. Never tear down your husband OR your children!

I am a child of, what the world would consider, an alcoholic. He never tore me down…per se…yet he never truly built me up either.

And because of that, it is tough to accept words of affirmation now. And it is simply because I feel I do not deserve them…but…

I have this wonderful, caring, loving and beautiful woman, Angie, that God has brought into my life guys. She is amazing. She is ALWAYS building me up. She believes in me. She trusts me. And yes, she loves me. 🙂

It has affected EVERY area of my life.

I am a new man because of her.

I try my hardest to build her up. I’m just not as good at it as she is….but I’m trying. I will get better and it will become second nature to do so.

I want her to know that she is beautiful. So every morning I send her a text that says “good morning beautiful.” I want her to know that I love every aspect of being with her…so I try to tell her…sometimes the words just don’t come out. Sometimes I cry because those words won’t come out the way I want them to or with the meaning that my heart has.

Like I said..I will get better!

And you can to dear friend

You can and should build your spouse up!

You can and should build your children up!

And IF you are like me…a person who has been hurt a gazillion times in the past by a previous spouse and you feel unworthy….

Look to the cross and remember you ARE worth it.


2 thoughts on “Words Of Affirmation”

  1. This is good, man! And while “words of affirmation” may be certain people’s primary love language, I also believe that at some level, this is EVERYBODY’s love language! I don’t know a single person on earth that doesn’t appreciate being told that what they do matters, and/or that who they are matters.

    Those who are parents should remember that this is VERY important to their kids. Thanks for the reminder, Stu. I need to be better about this with my own young ones.



    1. Thanks Jason. I appreciate your kind words and I respect your opinion. I was kind of speaking to myself in this a little too. I believe we all could be better at this. It is so vital to a healthy relationship.

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