Times are kind of tough at moment. Our phones have been cut off so the only means to communicate with anyone is snagging some Wi-Fi when I can.

So the other night after driving for several hours for a visitation and hanging with a dear friend where she works…I used messenger to reach out and let her know that I had made it back to town safely.

Since I have never used messenger to make a call I accidentally hit the video icon instead of the phone icon.

What a pleasant surprise to see her face, even after seeing her a few short hours before, when she answered. Totally new experience for both of us. We chatted for a bit and then we ended the call.

I continued on to the house and it hit me….I mean it really hit me.

That could be dangerous.  The idea that any child over the age of “13” and has a Facebook with messenger has access to video chat. Or the fact that the IPhone has FaceTime is scary to say the least.

What would your thoughts be if you walked into your child’s room and saw them talking on the phone in their underwear? You might not think anything of it….


But, what if they were actually video chatting with their boyfriend or girlfriend…

What if after you left the room and they made sure that you were not going to check on them again they took off said underwear while chatting. Boyfriend or girlfriend can see everything your child wants them to see just by moving the phone a little.

What if your daughter was taking off her clothes so her boyfriend could look? They do not have to be in the same room to do that anymore parents.

What if your son was masturbating while watching his girlfriend undress herself from across town while never leaving his room?

Like I said…this could be dangerous.

Sexting can be just as detrimental to our children. Sending sexual thoughts via text or even a naked photo of themselves can be very dangerous.

Think of how our children talk now a days. When I was growing up you didn’t kiss someone and then tell the whole school about that kiss…much less how it made you feel.

Sadly now…kids share photos of their girlfriends with their friends. Basically….distributing porn.

Images of your daughter naked can now be passed around the whole area in a matter of minutes. Images of your son…the same thing.

Would you want you daughter’s boyfriend texting your little girl explaining all the sexual things he wants to do with her? Well…it happens all the time.

Would these things bother you at ALL?

They would me…that IS for sure.

And please don’t say that you have no control over what they do in the privacy of their own room. YOU are the parent. Your word goes.

We, as parents, should and need to be the monitoring system for our children’s social media access.