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I wrote this about three years ago and just wanted to share it with you.

I don’t know about you, but when I go walking with someone I am usually by their side, slightly ahead or slightly behind that person. But you can’t share and talk if you are not close by each other…I do know that.

The thing about being a parent is that we are to walk with our children and teach them, even when they call us nuts, ole fashion or just plain stupid.
You can walk in front, a little, so you can make sure there are no potholes in the road, but you more than likely will keep looking back to make sure they are ok, which might make you trip. You can walk behind them ever so gently nudging them along their way, but they may not see that pothole, because they have not seen one, and trip or…you can walk beside them, while holding their hand, pointing out the potholes and helping them avoid them all together.

Now granted we, parents, have made our fair share of mistakes in our lives and a lot of them we had to face all by ourselves and learn how that felt, what the consequences where and how to avoid it. And even through those experiences we still find ourselves tripping over potholes, because even though we filled that one in with fresh gravel or cement, there are new ones ahead that we have not faced..

We may not consider ourselves wise, but we HAVE learned through our mistakes. And that learning is what we need to use as we walk with our children and shepherd them. And yes our children will become wise as they walk in our “wisdom”. And they will grow wiser than us…for there are some very big potholes for this generation that we have never seen or would even want too, honestly.

Pray that God allows you the quality time with your children so that you may share your wisdom openly and honestly.