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Something I have always wondered.


Really, we all say it. Many of us mean it when we say it but what does it mean..deep down at the core.

When a friend says I love you brother, I immediately say I love you too. And I mean it…I have an emotional bond with that person so there is…love.
I find it odd that I never hear women say to each other..I love you sister.

So love is a bond between two people…but it goes deeper…much, much deeper.

We always hear the phrase God Is Love.

We, as Christians, usually quote the verse greater love has no man than one who lays down his life for another (Stuversion).

To me this proves that God is Love. He allowed His Son, Jesus Christ to leave glory and become flesh for the sole purpose of dying a physical death as atonement for our sin.

Did Christ want to die? He knew the plan going into Mary’s womb. He knew the day and time. He knew who would be at His side and who would turn and run out of fear…and yet He gave His life for not just me but everyone.

In the garden Jesus said if possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.
It was, I believe it was at that moment when love was defined.

Jesus surrendered His will to the Father for the benefit of mankind.

Later in scripture Paul tells us that we, as husbands, should love our wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her. Could that mean dying to save her if it came to it? Sure..

But it goes deeper than that.

I believe it means to surrender our will to the benefit of our wife. Being a leader means giving up your “glory” for the benefit of those under your protection. There are so many areas in which this can take place.

1. Finances….
Make wise decisions based on the income at hand not on potential income. Don’t buy unnecessary items. This might hurt…whether married or single; there is no “my” money..it is God’s.

2. Time spent with friends..
Everyone needs time with friends. I get it..your wife gets it. But if you are spending more time with friends than you are at home with your wife there IS a problem.

3. Sex..
Giving up your desires for sex is not at question here. It is giving up daily moments to ensure she knows you desire her. It is giving up your desire for other woman and stay faithful.

4. Time…
It is giving up “your” time for her. It is not going hunting, fishing, golfing or even going to a concert to be with her. It is going where she wants even when you don’t understand the point in going.

Those are acts of love…denying oneself for the benefit of another…your wife.

If anyone has other examples please feel free to comment to this!