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For the month of December, I have been posting daily inspirations for you. Though it was fun to do this, it was also kind of tough at the same time.

Trying to find that one verse and to create a photo or find one that is not copyrighted to go with said verse has been a challenge.

It is done. I truly hope you have enjoyed everyone of them.

I want to thank my dear friends who shared their favorite verses with me. I truly appreciate all my Facebook and Pinterest friends who thought enough of these posts to share with others. 🙂

I am looking forward to 2016. There are plenty of themes within scripture that be done in a daily/ monthly post. Maybe I will try to do this more often instead of just random posts about my journey…though this little excursion has become part of my journey because doing this has kept me sane this month.

Still lonely…but knowing I was doing this and it would help others kept my depression at bay.

Thanks & God bless,