Day 24 Of Inspiration: For All Have Sinned



2 thoughts on “Day 24 Of Inspiration: For All Have Sinned”

  1. Stuart I love this reminder! I am learning this in surprising ways to be honest. I never would have thought I’d throw stones at my own children. Yet, I constantly do it. I’m always giving my kids a hard time over something they’ve done and then my precious wife reminds me that the things I’m judging them for are things I also do. Thank you again for pointing out that we cannot judge.

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    1. Doug, I am so appreciative of how you are always lifting your wife up and speaking well of her. Through all our chats I have learned that she is a true biblical wife for you brother..a help mate.

      I am guilty of this as well..hence the reminder to myself here. I should not say negative things to a person who sins different than I or even the same as I do. I try to remember that I could have easily been where they are or were if not for Christ changing me.

      I’m actually fixing to write a post on judging. It might rile some Yet I feel it needs to be addressed via Stuversion.

      Thanks for the comment bro. 🙂

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