Testimony of Freedom

There are several things I have learned over the years in struggling with my porn addiction.

One is in the fact that what works for one person may not work for another.

Marriage does not cure a pre-existing porn addiction.

It can not be done without an accountability partner.

And despite what some people will say…a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is a must.

I truly appreciate Carl sharing his story with me and subsequently with you as well.

I pray this will assist you in your journey.

Love you all



From a very young age, I’d say 5 or 6 years old, I’ve been exposed to pornography in one way or another.  When I received Jesus as my savior at the age of 17, porn was one thing I held onto.  I didn’t know how to let go of it.  Getting married I thought it would be easy to stop but that wasn’t the case.  I just hid it from my wife.  She would find it every once in a while on the PC or my Phone or Ipod.  She would be devastated and I would feel terrible and tell her I would stop.  So I would always get a new book or talk to the current Pastor for help but it seemed like I just kept going in circles.  I don’t think I ever went more than a month without porn in my 23 years of marriage.

Last September 24 my wife found porn on my ipod.  Once again I let her down, once again I failed God.  I was fed up and didn’t know what to do.  I talked to my pastor and he focused on my relationship with Jesus.  He asked how often do I pray or read my bible.  Usually I prayed before dinner and read my bible at men’s group but that was it.  He asked if I would commit to 5 minutes a day and I said okay.  He also offered to do a discipleship course with me called Discipleship Essentials and I took him up on that too.  He suggested I read a book called How People Grow by Cloud and Townsend.  Amazing book and it really helped me a lot.  All these things helped me grow and understand the relationship Jesus wants to have with me.

Now I’m doing the Discipleship Essentials with others.  God has truly blessed me.  He has worked on my walk and most importantly, through these studies, I understand what being filled with the Holy Spirit means.  My Pastor also shared with me Luke 11:24-26.  The analogy is that when we clean up our life we need to fill ourselves up with the things of God, ie: Prayer, bible study, fellowship with other believers, serving others and most importantly asking God to fill us with His Holy Spirit every day so that My personal spirit agrees with the Holy Spirit.

Understanding this and applying these truths to my life has changed my life.  I haven’t looked at any porn since September 24, 2014,  Praise God!!  I give him all the glory.  Our focus needs to be on our walk with him and give him the glory and follow him with all our heart, soul and mind.  Never in my life have I gone so long without looking at porn and I give God the Praise and honor for this!!

Thank you for this opportunity,

Carl Kujawski



Hey guys, if you are interested in the Discipleship Essentials you may pick up a copy at Christianbook.com.


And if you are interested in the book How People Grow you may get it at Google.

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