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The pain of uncertainty is weighing me down.

I fear I will loose my wife once more. The stress of our current situation is too much for her to bear. And she shouldn’t have to bear it to be honest.

Granted it is not my fault employers are either not getting back with me or they feel I am overqualified. They want to be able to hire kids at minimum wage and part time.

I need a full time career.

Seeing tears in her eyes is killing me.

I’m putting this out here because it is my last hope, I believe.

If you would like to contribute to getting my car back on the road…you may do so if you choose..through Pay Pal my email is stubaby777@gmail

I will either need the car to move out in or to get to my interviews. One way or another a vehicle is a must.

More importantly please continue to pray for me as my journey continues. This chapter is a gut wrencher and I so want to close this chapter and head into the happy ending.