The Pickle

Yep, I am in one. It’s a big one too. My car needs repairing and a few fines taken off my license in order to get it back on the road. It needs to be fixed so I can get to work…when an employer says hey Stuart let’s talk about your new career..your hired.

I’m stressed to the max. My wife is stressed and worried. I understand her worries but until I get a job there really is not much I can do to help support my family. I’ve been holding in my stress the best I can do as to not add to hers.

That could be a bad thing as she could possibly be seeing that as me not caring or wanting to work. That is not the case at all, of course.

I have heard back from several applications I have filled out only to hear that the position has been filled or I’m “overqualified”. No one is overqualified for a job!

My concern is that when I get a job how will I get there without my car…

And the little demeaning words spoken whether on purpose or not is slowly dragging me further into a depressed state. Not sure how much more I can take…

Please say a prayer for me and my family.



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