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Flowers are beautiful. I believe that most people would agree with me on that one.


I love going out in the morning time and looking at the new blooms in our pumpkin patch we are trying to grow. They are so vibrant in color. Sadly the will not last long if they are not pollinated.

We have a lot of male flowers at moment that have bloomed but sadly the female flowers are just now beginning to bud up. So with no pollination going on, the male flowers are wilting so fast. I’m hoping the male flowers will continue to bloom after the females bloom so they pollinate each other and the fruit can come.

I did happen to see some bees flying around this morning. I was very pleased to see this, as they will help in the pollination.

It hit me this morning as I was checking on our pumpkin patch that the process of pollination is much like our spiritual walk, at times, if you think about it. There are times in our walk when we get inspired by a sermon, a word from song or a friend only to let that word wither away because it was not pollinated by prayer, getting into the Word of God for verification or by applying it to our lives.

Just as a flower wilts from lack of pollination so will our desire to overcome our struggles. There are many times we say things like man, I can do it this time..I’ve got this. Only to have those desires for recovery and healing thwarted.

I feel many times we desire true freedom from our struggles and addictions but we try the wrong way, thinking we can do it by ourselves. And we simple can not.

Just like if you are having marital problems and you try to fix everything yourself. Well…we all know how that will turn out.

Every marriage has struggles. Yet, it takes more than one person in said marriage to make it evolve into what it should be.

Half of all men and one third of all women view porn monthly if not more. Those statistics include all folks whether married or single.

Despite the lie that it “helps” a marriage, more and more married people are filing for divorce and porn is usually ranked in the top five reasons.

I talk to many people on a daily basis who struggle with this. I offer them prayer, scripture and advice from dealing with my own struggle. Now what they do with it is up to them.

Over the years, I have found that many of us will hear a good word and say “Wow, that could help” but then we do nothing with it. And by doing so, we have not pollinated the potential cure.

Words given by a friend (the bee) should be prayed over, thought over and possibly applied to our lives in order to help overcome our struggles. Especially if that friend has had victory in their lives.

And just like in the Bible, when phrases or words are repeated to give emphasis, you should take heed when two different people tell you the same thing as a confirmation and pollinate that word. Especially if that still small voice whispered into your heart those exact words.

Come on folks, it is time to pollinate the positive word spoken into our lives and allow it to bear fruit and change us to be more Christ like.

God Bless,