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One of the most important things a husband can do for his wife is to pray for her.

I do not mean those selfish prayers of “God, Please change the way _______ handles this particular issue.” or “Lord, give _____ the desire to do this for me so I do not get mad anymore.”

I mean the fervent, having great warmth and intensity, type of prayer. You love your wife, right? And you care for the overall well-being of her as well, right? Then you should want her to grow in her relationship with God.

There are so many areas in life that can be prayed. But we, as husbands, should never be selfish in our prayer life for our wives. Yes, we can make our requests known to God as He cares about us and our wives but we should always want our wives to be the woman He created her to be, not the one we think or want her to be.

Here are a few things, guys, that you can pray for while praying for your wife:

  • Yourself. Yes, pray that you become the husband, father, man and spiritual leader of the home that God wants you to be.
  • Her emotions
  • Her fears
  • Her desires
  • Her realtionships inside the family and outside the home
  • Her sexuality. With that I do not mean positions and such, but rather how she feels about herself and how she feels about you. Trust me..they are all tied together.
  • Her motherhood
  • Her trust
  • Her purpose
    Her protection

I prayed for my wife daily while we were together, but I did do it selfishly. After we separated and I learned a few things, my prayer life for her changed. My prayer life was about her and her relationship with God and not me or our marriage (after a while…that is). That was actually a hard thing to do for me as I loved her so much and she was my best friend.

I will say that by praying unselfishly like I did I became to love her in a different light. It was deeper. It was more sincere. It was Godly. And we were not even together. But that is what happens when you pray…God takes over your heart and changes it.

I have a wonderful wife. She is so loving and caring of others. She is a wonderful mom and the perfect woman to be the mother to our children. She would do anything for those close to her. That is one of the things that helped me fall in love with her.

Her eyes..man…they just light up when she smiles. And when she does it will light up the darkest room. I love seeing that. Her beauty is unmatched. God truly blessed me when he brought her into my life. I am so thankful. I am blessed that she has been a part of my life all these years. I look forward to watching her grow in the Lord as the years continue whether close by or at a distant, as she will always be in my life.


I just want to say thank you for bringing my wife into my life. You have blessed me beyond measure. I know that you have chosen her to be my bride and the mother of our children. Lord, we have made some mistakes. We have caused pain to one another. Father, please heal those scars.

I continue to pray for her protection Lord. That you continue to place a hedge around her so that the schemes of the devil do not prevail. Keep her alert and aware. Give her strength as she continues to seek you. Give her wisdom Lord, as she trains our daughter to know what it means to be a young lady and a woman. And as she teaches our son what to look for in his future bride.

I ask that you bring people into her life that are in tune with your desires and not the worlds. People who will speak words of encouragement and not words of doubt or fear.

Sometimes Lord, we have a hard time communicating with one another. Please help us work on that.

Both Brandon and Erin are constantly letting her know how beautiful she is. She is beautiful Lord. She is your daughter and her beauty shines through. Father, may she always know who she is in you and that her most prized beauty is what is on the inside. May it always shine through.

Continue to allow us the honor and privilege of raising our children in one accord with your word and by your direction.

Lord, let her find her purpose in you. God, you a have a divine purpose for each of your children that will lead others to you in one form or another. I pray that she finds her ministry. It could be just being a Godly mother to our children but I have always felt that you have a different ministry aspect for her that is geared towards married women.

Father, you gave me a vision many years ago of her standing on stage, speaking to many women and sharing the gospel. Lord, times are getting harder for your children. Persecution is coming in full swing once again where your children are being killed for the sake of Christ. I have not lost faith in that vision Lord, but I feel it needs to come to fruition soon as time is getting short. Give her the desire to seek you passionately and with the purpose of doing your will above all else.

I love her Lord but my love for her does not compare to the love you have for her. Never has…never will. You know what is best for my wife while I do not. Lord, protect her please, guide her and direct her path while showing her your love on a daily basis.

Allow me Father to continue to serve her with love, honor and integity.
I ask these things of you Father in the name of your Son Jesus Chist,