My Story of Sexual Faithfulness

What a testimony of honoring a commitment to God and oneself! I for one know of the baggage carried into a marriage when you have had sex prior to being married. It can create issues.

If you, dear reader, are a virgin ask God for strength to handle the peer pressure. If you have had sex ask for forgiveness and start a renewed commitment of sexual integrity today.

Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?


I was a part of that sex saturated culture growing up. For some reason the friends I hung out with had this mentality that one could gain more status when one “hooked-up” or at least “messed around” with a girl. Between girls and skateboarding, my focus was not on much else.  But even in this sex saturated culture I really started thinking about sex and my future wife (whoever she was going to be). When I was sixteen years of age, I started thinking about what I wanted my future to look like. Already by that time, I had friends who were expecting a child, sleeping around, and starting a life of sexual exploration. As I looked at their life and knowing some of what they were dealing with on the inside, I knew I didn’t want that. Through some introspection, my faith, and encouragement from a speaker, I…

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