Death: Is It Part Of The Spiritual Battle


The war continues. The unseen battle we do not see. One of angels and demons fighting for the very souls God wants to protect. Both sides have a purpose in this battle

On one side you have the angels trying with all their might to help guide and direct a person to that one spot where the Holy Spirit can work in a person’s heart to where they acknowledge their need for a Savior. From there they continue to direct a person to appointed place where God has placed another person has been directed to so that they can meet, become acquaintances and friends. And as the friendship grows the Holy Spirit is allowed to move and show the other what a life with God at the center can be like. Possibly that person then realizes that they need God in their life..but then again, maybe you have just been given the opportunity to be a seed planter.

The seed is planted. And the angel continues it’s job of guiding and protecting that person. But God does not force His will on anyone. Hence the battle. Demons come in to try keep the seed from taking root. A powerful spiritual battle ensues. And yes, angels do lose. And frequently.

I have seen the aftermath of both sides of this battle many times. I have witnessed first hand angelic forces winning by theconversion of a lost soul, the reconciliation of a marriage, a suicide diverted at the last moment and a life saved by taking a different route than normal going to work and avoiding a wreck that could have killed them.

And unfortunately, I have witnessed what happens when the demonic forces win too. The loss of life that leaves everyone wondering why. The fact that divorces are rampant speaks for itself. That call telling you that so and so killed themselves last night after personally talking with them on-line for hours trying to help them realize that they are of value and worth the fight to life on. Or that child that is taken suddenly in a car wreck just after giving his will over to God whether for salvation or a rededication.

This unseen battle happens almost every second of every day in our lives. It’s in the choices we make. Which voice are we listening to? Which thought are we acting on?

Could more prayer be the answer to winning these battles? And I do not mean you, by yourself, approaching God’s throne. For many who come to Christ have never prayed before that one moment where they bow their head and say God save me please. I mean having others fervently praying for you and with you.

I have this picture in my head of an angel gaining strength through the prayers of God’s children. With each new voice lifted up to the throne there is a brighter aura giving them that extra strength needed to fight off the demonic forces at hand. But without the prayer support of the saints (children of God) the angel become weaker from the enemies onslaught. The battle can be lost.

Could…say someone….who recently accepted Christ as Lord be such a threat to the enemy that he would send reinforcements to try to either curb that new believers faith or even possibly set him up to die? And yet, with their death God’s purpose is still met for that person…

All these thoughts came about today because a friend of mine from high school lost her son today due to a car accident…

I was hurt and ticked off at the same time. One, I hurt for my friend and her family. Secondly, I mean so many youth are dying here lately. Many people say “Oh, it was just their time.” I question that statement at times. I just do not see God up in Heaven looking down with a hammer playing wack-a-person, saying ooh, it’s his or her time to die and then lets the hammer fall. Just can’t.

But, then again, God did give Moses the command to kill almost half the Israelites after the golden calf incident. Then there was Sodom and Gomorrah and a slew of other nations of people who were guilty of abominations against God.

The devil has been wrecking havoc on mankind since the beginning. Even with Job, but God told him not to take Job’s life. So he couldn’t. Might he then be able to set things in motion to take a life?
So….I do not know for certain. But I do know one thing for certain. God is still God! His ways are unknown to us.

I have seen the lives of youths impacted by another who just passed away and have either rededicated their lives or realized that they themselves wanted what their friend had…a relationship with Jesus.

That is my prayer for this young man’s legacy…that others come to know Christ because of the example he set.

God Bless all,


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