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I had one of those teachable moments the other day. One I let slip through my fingers because I didn’t see it. I was not looking for one. actually.

I had decided to clean the living room rug the other day. So I asked my son, Brandon, to help. We started by spraying some solution on the rug to draw the dirt to the surface. We allowed it to dry for a while. After it had dried, we carried the rug outside and hung it over the fence to the dog pin.

We then get the water hose and change the setting on the nozzle to where it sprays a jet stream of water instead of the mist that we use for the outside plants. I take the hose and showed Brandon how to spray the rug down by starting at the top and working down. After I did the very top of the rug, I handed the hose to Brandon and showed him where to start. I told him to watch the dirt being washed away by the water.

Brandon’s response to seeing the water turn dirty as it ran down the rug was “Ewww!” I laughed because the rug was not that dirty but there was a notable difference in the coloring of the water. But he thought it was cool plus he was able to play in the water and spray just about every blade of grass within his reach.

For some odd reason I was thinking of our little job this morning and realized what it represented. It represented the shedding of Jesus’ blood and the washing away of our sins. I wish I had seen it for what it was at the moment. But I didn’t. I completely missed it.

I have told my children about what Jesus did on the cross and what the shedding of his blood meant for us many times. But dang it…to have this moment present itself as a visual aide to the washing away of our dirt..our sins…

I should have said “Brandon, look at the dirt. See how the water is washing the dirt away? The dirt is like our sins and the water is like the blood of Jesus. See how much dirt is actually in the rug? See how much power the water has? The water is washing the dirt away. That’s kind of what our sin looks like…a bunch of dirty stains on our heart. And the blood of Jesus has the power to wash those dirty spots away and make us clean, just like the water is cleaning the dirty spots on the rug.”

Jesus' Blood

It does not matter if our hearts are a little dirty or downright filthy the blood of Jesus can and will wash away all the dirt. We just have to confess and ask for forgiveness.

Please parents, I know we are busy. I know we have a lot on our plates. But if a teachable moment comes by and we miss it let us promise ourselves that we will revisit that moment as quick as possible so our children will not forget what they did. And then let’s explain what happened and what it represented. Even if it is a small moment as washing a rug.